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Prevona Technology is focused on helping large-scale organizations reach broad national health and defense initiatives, growth and profitability targets, and long-term shareholder expectations. We bring the capabilities and proven track record to support organizations that are entrusted with highly sensitive data and those facing ongoing and ever-increasing IT threats.

Prevona serves recognized organizations in both the federal government and commercial space.

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These clients are challenged in managing ever-increasing amounts of data production while also balancing business requirements to share information with select, authorized individuals via easily compromised endpoints including mobile and cloud. These organizations are often prime targets for cyber security crimes due to the nature of information stored and the number of individuals potentially affected by data compromise.

Our clients look to us to balance their need for availability, confidentiality, and integrity. They demand the highest level of professionalism, sensitivity, and expertise along with the drive and desire to stay one-step-ahead on the threat landscape. And that’s precisely where Prevona excels. Contact us to see how we can add value to your organization.