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Network Security

Prevona’s solutions bring you as close as possible to disaster- and disruption-proofing your network, ensuring you satisfy both user and functional requirements with built-in restrictions and constraints that prevent malicious behavior.

We conduct security coding, testing, requirements analysis, and modeling along with access controls and environmental design.

Data Security

Prevona’s solutions enable you to develop and implement data protection strategies that safeguard confidential information on workstations, websites, and databases. We’ll work with you to define usage policies and permissions along with suitable technologies and approaches.

We’ll then put the right digital privacy protocols and safeguards in place to block hackers, mitigate data corruption, and prevent unauthorized access.

Data Analytics

Prevona’s solutions help you convert big data into big answers with intelligent data analytics solutions. Cut cost, enable smarter and more efficient decisions, and easily identify what your customers need.

We’ll assess your objectives, optimizing data management and mining while implementing framework to support real-time and predictive analytics.

Mobile Data Security

Prevona’s solutions enable workforce mobility while sealing the security gap and safeguarding sensitive information. We work with organizations to close vulnerabilities arising when employees conduct business on tablets and smartphones.

We also implement software and processes to target malware, data leakage, and endpoint security.

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We help decision-makers untangle features, benefits, and fine print to introduce software and hardware solutions that best align with their operations and unique threat environment.

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